Jack Florance Closed for 2020

Updated 6/4/20 - Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Jack Florance pool will be closed for the summer of 2020.  


Jack Florance Swimming Pool

Amenities include two, 28-foot tall water slides, a “zero-depth” entry area, diving well and interactive water toys.


Hours During Summer Session

Monday  6 a.m.-7 a.m. (Morning Lap Swim)  12 p.m.- 8 p.m. (Lap Swim/Open Swim)

Tuesday 6 a.m.-7 a.m. (Morning Lap Swim) 12 p.m.- 8 p.m. (Lap Swim/Open Swim)

Wednesday 6 a.m.-7 a.m. (Morning Lap Swim) 12 p.m.- 8 p.m. (Lap Swim/Open Swim)

Thursday 6 a.m.- 7 a.m. (Morning Lap Swim) 12 p.m.- 8 p.m. (Lap Swim/Open Swim)

Friday  6 a.m.- 7 a.m. (Morning Lap Swim) 12 p.m.- 8 p.m. (Lap Swim/Open Swim)

Saturday 12 p.m.- 7 p.m. (Lap Swim/Open Swim)

Sunday 12 p.m.- 7 p.m. (Lap Swim/Open Swim)

*During family swim, children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Family Swim is Monday-Sunday after 6 p.m.


Special Events and Holiday Hours

Closed for the Season. Check back in Spring 2021


Season Membership Rates

Jack Florance Pool Memberships will go on sale April 9th. Enjoy 15% off an early bird special starting on April 9th through May 15th when you purchase a membership.

** Please Note: Beginning Summer 2020, access to Jack Florence Pool is no longer a part of Delaware Community Center YMCA Membership

 Early Registration Rates 15% Off


Jack Florance Pool Daily Rates 2020

Daily Admission  
Resident Youth $4.00
Resident Adult $6.00
Non Resident Youth $9.00
Non Resident Adult $10.00


Jack Florance Pool Membership Rates 2020

Individual Memberships April 8 - May 15 May 16 - July 4 July 5 - Sept 7
Resident Youth $89.25 $105.00 $52.50
Resident Adult $93.50 $110.00 $55.00
Resident Senior $51.00 $60.00 $30.00
Non Resident Youth $170.00 $200.00 $100.00
Non Resident Adult $170.00 $200.00 $100.00
Non Resident Senior $76.50 $90.00 $45.00
Family Membership April 8 - May 15 May 16 - July 4 July 5 - Sept 7
Resident Family of 2 $106.25 $125.00 $62.50
Non Resident Family of 2 $212.50 $250.00 $125.00
Resident Family of 3 $123.25 $145.00 $72.50
Non Resident Family of 3 $255.00 $300.00 $150.00
Resident Family of 4 $140.25 $165.00 $82.50
Non Resident Family of 4 $297.50 $350.00 $175.00
Resident Family of 5 $157.25 $185.00 $92.50
Non Resident Family of 5 $340.00 $400.00 $200.00
Resident Family of 6 $174.25 $205.00 $102.50
Non Resident Family of 6 $382.50 $450.00 $225.00
Resident Family of 7 $191.25 $225.00 $112.50
Non Resident Family of 7 $425.00 $500.00 $250.00
Resident Family of 8 $208.25 $245.00 $122.50
Non Resident Family of 8 $467.50 $550.00 $275.00
Resident Family of 9 $225.25 $265.00 $132.50
Non Resident Family of 9 $510.00 $600.00 $300.00
Resident Family of 10 $242.25 $285.00 $142.50
Non Resident Family of 10 $552.50 $650.00 $325.00


Sign up for Group/Private Swim Lessons

Check back in Spring 2020!


DARTS Swimming and Diving

Register at Mingo Park

Click here to register!


Lap Pool Closed for Swim Meets

Pool Rules And Policies

EFFECTIVE SUMMER OF 2015: In order to provide for a pleasant swimming experience the Jack Florance Pool staff will have a “Zero Tolerance” rule with regard to language and behavior.  If you, a family member or a guest is reported as using foul language or acting inappropriately to a member of the Jack Florance staff, that person will be asked to leave for at least the remainder of the day or for the length of time that the staff member feels appropriate.  If  the inappropriate behavior continues once the person is permitted back in the pool, that person will be banned from the pool for the balance of the season and no refund will be given.  If you feel that any member of your family cannot abide by this new policy, we respectfully encourage you not to purchase a membership.

Weather Inclement: We reserve the right to close Jack Florance Swimming Pool due to inclement weather. Refunds are not availible

Swim Safely

  • All participants will need to complete and sign code of conduct and waiver to utilize the Jack Florance Pool.  If participant is under the age of 18 a parent/guardian must sign the waiver for him/her.
  • Youth must be at least 12 years of age to be left at the pool without a parent/guardian
  • YMCA Lifeguards may test the swimming competency of any swimmer
  • Non-Swimmers of any age are not permitted in the deep end of the pool
  • No diving.  Enter the water facing forward. 
  • Any swimmer under the age of 16 must successfully completed the deep water test to swim in the deep end of the pools.

EFFECTIVE SUMMER OF 2015 - Lap Pool Shallow-end: Any swimmer under the height of 5 ft. must sucessfully complete the deep water test or be accompanied by an adult. 

  • Everyone must be 48" or taller to use the slides (no exceptions).  
  • Breath holding activities are not permitted in YMCA pools. 
  • Masks, fins, and snorkels are not permitted. 
  • Infants / toddlers not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper in the water.  
  • The lifeguard's word is final

Watch Your Kids

  • Children (age 5 and under) must be accompanied by an adult (age 18 and over) in the water and remain within arms reach.  
  • Children (age 6-11) must be actively supervised by an adult in the pool area. 

Play Safely

  • Children who require assistance or a flotation device must have an adult with them in the water. 
  • Flotation devices must be U.S. Coast Guard approved. No inflatables.
  • No running or horseplay. 
  • YMCA equipment and starting blocks are reserved for YMCA programs only. 

Dive Safely

  • All swimmers under the age of 16 must successfully complete a deep water test.
  • All guests must wait at the bottom of the ladder until the last driver leaves the diving area.
  • Divers must walk up ladder and dive or jump off board. Hands must enter water first on all headfirst dives.
  • Only one person may use a diving board at a time.
  • Only 1 bounce allowed on the board.
  • Exit immediately at nearest ladder after each entry.
  • Any dives or jumps must be forward facing and away from diving board.
  • No flips of any kind are permitted off the diving board.
  • No hanging, jumps, gainers or dives angled toward the side or other board.
  • No goggles on boards.

Respect Others

  • Swimmers who are currently experiencing the following:  open sores, infections or diarrhea are not permitted in the water.  
  • Shower before entering the water. 
  • Proper swim attire must be worn at all times, no cut-off's or denim shorts.  
  • Patrons may bring food and / or beverages into the pool on a restricted basis.Coolers / beverage carriers are prohibited.                       
  • Items must fit in 11" x 8" brown bag or lunch sack (single serving /snack foods)              
  • Beverages are not to exceed 24oz.                       
  • No alcohol or glass containers are permitted.   

Please ask for a complete copy of the pool rules at the Welcome Center desk.