September 12th, 2020

Thank you for visiting the YMCA Van Buren Center webpage, an emergency shelter serving families and single adults. Maintaining safe, accessible emergency shelter for fellow Central Ohioans while resolving their homelessness crisis is our primary function. 


In reference to recent specific concerns, we have no such policy at the Van Buren Center or any of our YMCA Housing/Shelter Programs. While the source of this misinformation is unknown, we do know and share our gratitude to staff that have responded to crises, saving numerous lives after administering naloxone.


Your advocacy is welcomed at the Van Buren Center. Consider volunteering your time and expertise to our neighbors during this unprecedented time.

Welcome to Van Buren Center!


Want more information about how to become a volunteer at the Van Buren Center? Visit our YMCA Shelter Services Volunteer Hub. You can find the latest happenings going on at Van Buren Center, new ways to engage in volunteer service, and access up-to-date information about all the great work happening because of our amazing volunteers and donors. 

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