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Who We Are

The YMCA is a safe place that nurtures and strengthens families and communities. Our buildings are focal points, but our programs are our tools for building community. Our programs are not confined to a particular location. We believe our commitment to our neighbors extend beyond our walls and into communities. Thus, Y Without Walls.

We believe every child, family and community deserves access to quality YMCA programming. We also know that every community has valuable contributions from the existing residents and providers that are already assisting these neighborhoods. Our goal is to partner, collaborate, support and approach this work with a desire to build capacity within the communities we serve and believe in.


Where We Are

Thanks to the dedication and investment of our partners, Y Without Wallsis currently focused in Linden and on the Hilltop. Both identified as neighborhoods of promise by the Mayor’s office, these communities embody legacies of resilience, strength, and the deeply woven fabric of family and neighborhood. Committed to the practice and integrity of work firmly rooted in community-driven empowerment and partnership, Y Without Walls initiatives will continue to celebrate and honor the opportunity to support the futures of Linden, Hilltop, and the residents, youth, and families that call these amazing communities’ home.


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