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AM Care - $78 (2 weeks) 
PM Care- $107 (2 weeks)
BOTH AM/PM - $185 (2 weeks)

Valleyview, Hubbard Mastery

Program Days Before Care Only
Payment Due Weekly
After Care Only
Payment Due Weekly
Payment Due Weekly
1 $8.79 $10.34 $17.06
2 $17.58 $20.68 $34.12
3 $26.37 $31.02 $51.18
4 $35.16 $41.36 $68.24
5 $43.95 $51.70 $85.30

Registration Fee

$25 per child



Payments are weekly,due each Friday of the week prior. These payments are based on the number of schools days in the upcoming week, as determined by the School Districts Calendar. Please see the Important Documents section for more information. We offer a 10% multi-child discount on each child after the 1st one.

Hours of Operation

7 AM until school starts & from the time school releases until 6 PM, on any day that school is in session.


Register At

Alpine, Avalon, Devonshire, Forest Park, Parkmoor and Valley Forge
North YMCA

Hubbard Mastery, Southwood, Valleyview
Hilltop YMCA

Eldon & Elsie Ward Family YMCA



How To Register - 2 Steps

1. Complete registration packet.

Completion of this registration packet does not complete the enrollment process. You must pay the registration fee (if required) and complete any additional steps as indicated by the Child Care Director or Registrar.

2. See Y Team Member to pay registration fee (if required) and complete the process.

Current School Age Child Care Participants can begin registering May 1. New families can begin registering May 15.