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FEES for 2018-2019 School Year

Weekly Fees 
Before Care 6:30am-9am: $50.00
After Care 3:30pm-6pm: $50.00

Before & After Care  90.00

Part time* Drop In Rate**
$15.00 per day

*Part time Care is only available if you are a registered Y- Club member, actively attending either the AM or PM care and need a variable schedule for the alternating Y- Club Program. 

**Drop In Fee is a daily fee charged based on the schedule submitted two weeks in advance, not based on the days attended. 

Multiple Child discount 10% 


Registration Fee

2019-2020 Fee information coming soon


Registration Dates

Registration Friday March 16 at 8am



Payments are weekly, due each Friday for the upcoming week. These payments are based on the number of schools days in the upcoming week, as determined by the School Districts Calendar. Please see the Important Documents section for more information.


Hours of Operation

6:30am until school starts & from the time school releases until 6pm, on any day that school is in session.

If a 2-hour school start delay is in effect, we are still open at 6:30am.


How To Register

Complete registration packet

Upon completion of your online registration packet, you are done. You will be contacted by our Childcare registrar within 7-10 days regarding status of your registration and follow up steps for confirmation of your registration fee. 

If you are registering multiple children

Complete a packet for each child.